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Who is Sterling Tax Group, Inc.

Sterling Tax Group, Inc., a California corporation, provides a broad range of tax services.

Our Tax Services Include:

  • Tax representation for audit and collections with IRS, BOE, FTB
  • Tax preparation for individuals, businesses, trusts and estates
  • Business tax consultation and business planning
  • Fiduciary accounting services
  • Payroll services and payroll corrections or amended payroll tax form preparation
We specialize in individual and small business tax matters.  As Enrolled Agents, we assure our clients that their best interest is represented at all times by bringing the best of both worlds with top notch tax preparation and confident representation.  Whether you are facing an audit, need to file multiple returns or you are looking to minimize your tax liability Sterling Tax Group, Inc. is the Tax Firm that can meet your diverse needs.  We provide a personal touch and treat you like family.

Here at Sterling Tax Group, Inc. we know taxes can be confusing, challenging, and overwhelming for a majority of taxpayers.  There are potholes around each corner, grey areas and complex tax codes.  We try to make it the process of tax preparation, and tax planning as easy as possible.  We also try to serve you in an easy going non threatening environment.

 Our Mission:  “To share and provide our knowledge, experience, and skills in the complex world of tax rules and regulations”